Coating Removal

Coating Removal

Right Step Epoxy Coating Removals

A major cause of epoxy failure is due to poor surface prep, moisture, and surface wear over time. For a more long-lasting and beautiful epoxy resurfacing installations or restoration job, preparing your surface is a basic procedure. This preparation involves industry practices like surface prep, moisture mitigation, as well as coating removal before installing a new coating or polishing the concrete depending on your needs.

Our coating removal services involve critical steps that come together for a satisfying job. These steps include analysing the surface of your facility, looking into the internal surface areas, qualifying the condition of surfaces and also taking note of environmental conditions that may affect the recoating job.

Why your facility needs a coating removal.

An old manufacturing plant, warehouse, shop or other industrial facility which has an old epoxy coating is likely to experience coating failure. The problem is that they become harder to maintain as they wear and chip away.

The best way to have your once attractive and fully functioning epoxy floor is through an epoxy coating removal from concrete, after which you can request for floor restoration. A floor restoration may involve the application of new epoxy layer or complete concrete polishing for your floors.

Coating removal is the best way to cut unnecessary spend caused by old epoxy coating experiencing failure. Depending on the specifics on your industrial floor, our experts will apply different procedures to ensure the layer is completely removed without causing any damages to the original surface.

Some of such techniques include steel shot blasting, which involves removing floor paint or epoxy by steel shot blasting. Another method is the diamond grinding. Either way, we guarantee you a service that is worth your every penny.

Are you still thinking if you need a coating removal service? Here’s a simple way to find out. Is your industrial floor coating looking all too old and already showing signs of wear at different places? If yes, then use the Quick contact form to reach us, we will get back to you ASAP.