Decorative Overlays

Decorative Overlays

Decorative Concrete Overlays

Are your concrete floors an eyesore? Whether they are laden with patchwork, have visible spalling, or contain holes, we have a solution for you. While the look of polished concrete is beautiful, resilient, and low-maintenance, polishing does not hide such aforementioned imperfections. That’s where decorative overlays from our commercial flooring contractor come into play.

Right Step Epoxy, concrete polishing overlays provide an economical alternative to floor replacement. With the application of a decorative overlay, you can have the beautiful look of polished concrete flooring, while covering imperfections. The process of using an overlay allows us to polish your flooring without the underlying blemishes showing through. It is faster and more economical than replacing or patching the existing concrete.

Process for Installing a Concrete Overlay?

However, for the best results, it does require experience, expertise and quality products.

>>High-Quality Product – Before the installation of a concrete overlay, you should hire a professional contractor or installer who uses only the best available products, like SunStone, an architectural limestone coating; SunStamp, a beautifully stamped overlay; and Classic Texture, the original acrylic spray-on decorative solution.

>>Surface Preparation – Next, the installer preps the surface, which is the most critical step. As part of that, cracks, pits, and any other type of damage get fixed. Then, the surface is properly cleaned and allowed to thoroughly dry.

>>Product Mixing – Following the manufacturer’s instructions, the installer mixes the product. In some cases, the product is not just mixed but also blended with color, which means during the mixing, the product can have integral color added to it.

>>Application – Depending on the chosen product and the preferred look, the installer uses the proper application method, whether that entails spraying, rolling, troweling or stamping.  In the case of a self-leveling concrete overlay, this usually gets placed using a squeegee or gage-rake.

>>Patterns and Texturing – For patterns, the installer can create saw cuts, score lines, and other beautiful designs. Using hand-trowels, rakes, and a host of other specialty tools, the desired texture gets created.

>>Curing and Sealing – Once the newly installed concrete overlay cures, a sealer gets applied for added protection, greater strength, and enhanced stain resistance.